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Lordae Property Management cuts costs via Digital Building Directories


Sterling, VA. July 21, 2015: Lordae Property Management, the Tri-State’s premier commercial real estate company, has initiated installation of digital building directories across its properties. The digital directories being installed in their prime retail and office locations have cut down on the time and cost associated with keeping traditional directories current, and are improving their tenants and visitor experience.

Digital building directories at Lordae Property ManagementLordae Property Management, a family owned and operated real estate company, started as a single tailor shop in the Bronx over 60 years ago. By putting their clients first and giving them the personal attention and consideration they need, they steadily grew into a chain of tailor shops and eventually, a commercial real estate holder. Their properties stretch from the Bronx, through Westchester, to the outer suburbs in Connecticut and Orange County, NY. Because of their humble beginnings as a small shop, they understand the real estate needs of today's entrepreneurs and through their attentive, helpful, and personal approach, they have become the Tri-State area's premier commercial real estate company.

The potential applications for digital signage in the commercial real estate industry are numerous and diverse. Traditional property management processes are becoming more wasteful and costly. On average, it costs roughly $400 to add a tenant’s name to a traditional printed directory. This process involves multiple technicians and would take about 3 weeks from start to finish. Because of the number of players involved, there is a reasonable chance of the tenant’s name being misspelled, which would take another 3 weeks to fix. Not only is the traditional method of displaying a tenant directory financially inept, it provides nothing in the way of a customer service orientation.

We decided to install digital building directories when we realized the expense and time it took to keep our office directories current.” said Jim Murtha of Lordae Property Management. "The digital directories not only add visual appeal and modernize our locations, but they also improve our guests' experience by providing directional and navigational assistance.".

What makes a building a great place to work, is not the great architecture but the communication systems that are compatible with 21st century living. Digital building directories offer unlimited communication possibilities with both visitors and tenants. They enhance the building’s image, efficiently orient both tenants and their clientele, and improve the tenants’ businesses by showcasing products/services, promotions, launches, etc. They are just one more way a building can provide tenants and visitors alike with a more sophisticated and modern experience.

The digital directories have enabled us to save the time and money it would take to order, approve, receive and install an update to our physical directories. In fact, it has reduced the errors in our directories to 0!” added Jim. “We have an established process with our Mvix signs that could not make the managing and maintaining our office directories any easier!

The selection of the Mvix digital signage solution was greatly influenced by one of Lordae’s tenants who has Mvix digital menu boards. Mvix was highly recommended and that coupled with the simplicity of use and the readymade templates won Lordae Property Management over. It did not take long for the company to realize the ROI of the directories. “This was a simple transaction with no recurring fees or contract, and we’ve already seen a decrease in operating costs”, said Jim. “We do not have to send a crew to our locations to update the directories any more. We can do this from the comfort of our office with just a few clicks.”.

Jim and his team have a strong dedication to outstanding service for both their tenants and their visitors,” said Mike Kilian, the Mvix Director of Business Development. “They are committed to putting processes in place that will serve their tenants better, and we are honored to assist them in improving their visitor experience and streamlining operations.”

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