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Ice Cream Shoppe Scoops up Mvix Digital Signage


Sterling, VA. July 7, 2015: A 50+ year old legendary brand - Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream – Wisconsin’s premier super-premium ice cream destination – installs Mvix digital menu boards in their locations.

Digital menu boards at Chocolate Shoppe Ice CreamChocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, Wisconsin’s sole seller and distributor of super-premium ice cream, opened its doors in 1962. So what does the super-premium in "Genuine Super-Premium Wisconsin Goodness" mean? Simply put, it means the best around! To be considered super-premium, ice cream needs an 'overrun' of less than 50% (ice cream overrun refers to the amount of air pushed into the ice cream while it is being made). The Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream standard is 35% overrun, which results in a creamier, smoother and richer ice cream. This dedication to quality is what has kept them around for over 50+ years, sufficiently satisfying the ice cream cravings of the Madison community. Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream began with 19 flavors of their homemade super-premium ice cream and have now grown to over 100 flavors guaranteed to whet your appetite.

For quick service cafe's, digital signage is more than just a low-cost substitute to traditional signage. They are hoping to uncap a new marketing tool for interacting with their customers like never before, while at the same time making operations more efficient. Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream wanted an option to automate and tailor menu boards to specific store locations, as well as raise awareness for their budding portfolio of ice cream offerings.

We wanted an easier way to maintain all the digital menu boards in our stores at the same time. With the Mvix digital menu boards, it’s very easy to make up-to-the-minute updates remotely,” said Kaia Sunne, the Art Director at Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream.

In the foodservice industry, the benefits of remote management and electronic delivery of content have pushed the adoption of digital menu boards. Leveraging these qualities of digital menu board systems, operators can instantly change menus, pricing, promotions, and other content from a single platform on any device with internet access. This reduces the time and cost associated with the installation and distribution of static signage, simplifies brand consistency across locations and allows the operator to be more responsive to changing market conditions.

"We have also added digital menu boards so guests can easily see our broad variety of treats," Kaia added. "The digital menu board has motion so it stands out compared to static signage, drawing more attention on items we are promoting along with other key brand messaging.”

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream selection of Mvix digital menu boards was focussed around the ease of use and accessibility to customer service. The simple user interface of the Mvix solution and the ease of updating content were the most important draw to the Mvix software solution. Within a few days after purchase, Mvix’s systems were up and running and it did not take long for Kaia and her team to purchase additional systems.

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream is one of those unique companies that have stayed true to their founding principles. They truly value their customers’ experience. Their end goal is much more than just making a profit,” said A. Jay, the Mvix Sr. Director of Business Relations. “They want to WOW! their customers with not only their ice cream, but the overall experience as well. We are honored that they selected our digital menu board systems, and we are fully committed to complementing their efforts of improving their customer experience and streamlining operations.”

We’re going to continue partnering with Mvix to make sure that we’re satisfying the Madison community’s ice cream cravings right from the minute they walk in the door!” said Kaia.

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