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Habasit America equips its US and Canada locations with Dynamic Digital Screens
powered by Mvix Signage Systems


Sterling, VA. Mar 26, 2015: Habasit America - world leader for power transmission and conveyor belting - selects Mvix to power the digital signage screens in their state-of-the-art production facility in their Suwanee, GA headquarters.

Habasit is the worldwide leader in the belting industry.For over 65 years, Habasit America has been offering conveyor belting solutions that include fabric belts, power transmission belts, plastic modular belts, timing belts, and chains. This wide selection of unequaled, comprehensive and superior products gives them the unique ability to service almost any industry and application. Their products move automotive parts, food and beverages, electronic components, paper, pharmaceuticals, textiles, wood, and airport baggage. This unparalleled and extensive market presence is made possible by their impressive global network of over 30 Habasit affiliates, 250 service centers, and over 3300 employees across 70 countries.

The advertising and information landscapes are changing and consumers and employees are are increasingly influenced by dynamic media. Innovation and change are no longer options, they are business critical. This has seen manufacturing facilities actively turning to digital signage as a messaging solution and Habasit America is no exception. Their customer-driven approach led them to invest in digital signage systems for looping product feature videos at their Suwanee, GA offices. The products in the videos were placed right underneath the digital signage screens. “Digital signage allows us to engage with our employees and visitors, and invite them into this virtual world where they not only see the physical product, but they see it in application too,” said Allison Cox, Habasit America’s Communications and Brand Manager. This builds brand identity and enhances the audience experience.

The use cases for dynamic digital signage systems are limitless. With the success of the initial investment, Habasit America acquired additional systems for employee communication. These are used to display company updates, events, job openings, HR deadlines, etc. Mvix signage systems provided an opportunity for real-time interaction and made it easy for the communication department to disseminate information to the employees. Reacting dynamically and having direct control of communication processes is one of the requirements the future has in store for successful companies such as Habasit America.

The multi-user platform of Mvix signage systems makes them ideal for companies with multiple locations. Multiple users get access to the same account with different permissions. Account administrators can create users and assign rights for each functional level/group of the network. This ability to assign highly specialized user-based permissions allows the versatile management of the signage network across multiple locations

We currently have four U.S. and Canadian locations equipped with Mvix signage systems,” said Allison. “One of the features of Mvix’s systems that drew us in is centralized control. We oversee the signage networks at our Suwanee location, but each individual location has an admin that will usually update content based on the needs of their location.”

Habasit uses signage systems to showcase products

When Habasit America started exploring digital signage options, Mvix quickly made it to their short list. “There were not a significant amount of comparable, affordable, and professional-quality options,” added Allison. Mvix’s simple user interface and the ease of updating content were some of the features that appealed to Habasit America. Their Director of IT, Gerald Brouillette, had previous experience with Mvix’s systems and highly recommended them as a superior product. Within a few days after purchase, Mvix’s systems were up and running and it did not take long for Habasit America to purchase additional systems.

“Habasit America is a role-model company where employee communication is at the core of it’s operations,” said A. Jay, the Mvix Sr. Director of Business Relations. “Digital Signage is a young, dynamic and extremely flexible communications solution, and we are fully committed to complementing Habasit America’s efforts of expanding their messaging options.”.

Allison agrees, “We've placed numerous orders for additional units and certainly wouldn't have done this without having seen positive results from the existing units. Mvix has met and exceeded our expectations!”

Mvix, based in Sterling, Virginia, was founded in 2005 and has become one of the industry leaders in the field of cloud-based digital signage solutions. With over 11K clients and 33K+ installations in over 29 countries, Mvix has established itself as a dominant player in the affordable digital signage market.

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Founded in 2005, Mvix is the market leader in hi-definition digital signage hardware and software systems, video-wall appliances, interactive digital kiosk systems, hard disk-based HTPCs, portable media-centers, and Content Management Systems (CMS) that are applicable across many vertical markets including foodservice, hospitality, corporate offices, healthcare, real estate, and manufacturing among others. Mvix comprises a team of hardware and software engineers and AV experts who build and support off-the-shelf and custom solutions for commercial clients across the globe.


Since its inception, Mvix’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions has put the company at the forefront of the digital display system and digital entertainment industries. In 2012, the company was honored on the prestigious Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America. Read more about Mvix Digital Signage Systems:

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