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Delaware’s Capital School District leverages Mvix signage solution
to boost communication with students and teachers


Sterling, VA. Apr 21, 2015: Delaware’s Capital School District announces implementation of multi-campus digital signage systems across the district. The K-12 school district serves 7 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 1 high school with a staff of just over 1000. Digital signage is playing an important role in the mission of K–12 institutions in the school district: to educate, inform, notify, and alert. The turnkey project was implemented leveraging Mvix’s digital signage solution, bundled with its free, web-based software. The solution provides a centralized, cloud-based network that can be managed from any location while eliminating the need for onsite storage servers. This is an unparalleled medium that is helping school administrators facilitate their message easily and efficiently with maximum impact.

Educations Excellence today for a changing tomorrowMajority of the school-going children grew up playing computer games, using camera phones, and viewing YouTube videos, and they have become habituated to interacting with technology on a daily basis. Digital imagery, which includes video and images, is largely their medium of choice for communication. Therefore, it only makes sense that school administrators incorporate these media into their communication solutions. “The students’ attention will be drawn to signage that looks like the technology they interact with on a day-to-day basis,” said Kyle Baxter, the Capital School District’s Systems Administrator.

“We have numerous signs around the school, dynamically displaying critical information,” said Kyle. “The digital signs display announcements, school news such as athletic achievements, events such as awards ceremonies, and directories. It is no surprise that the students have come to rely on the signs as the one place they can go to know everything that’s going on in the school. They are more likely to read information off a digital sign than a non-stimulating paper poster. The students are interested in what’s vibrant and dynamic.”

As budgets tighten, schools are looking to invest in products with a dual purpose. “Mvix’s digital signage system has zoned templates which provide the flexibility of displaying multiple media content on the same screen,” added Kyle. The signs are able to display announcements as a scrolling text ticker, show the weather, a listing of events and a building directory all on the same screen, at the same time. Many institutions are also integrating digital signage into their emergency notification system. The administrators have the ability to override normal content and project attention-grabbing displays to announce an emergency and provide clear instructions about how building occupants should respond.

The Capital School District Office of Technology  spent over 6 months evaluating a dozen different providers before selecting Mvix. “Mvix’s systems are very easy to use. They have a very intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, with a low learning curve,” said Kyle. “They are also very cost-effective. They offer a superior product with no contract or subscription fees!” Mvix’s systems also have a multi-user platform that allows role-based permissions to be assigned for each functional group of the district. While the district administrators control the overall network, certain tasks, such as content creation and scheduling, are delegated to the individual school administrators. The web-based portal also enables remote access/control from any location with web access.

Installation was easy and the support has been great,” says Kyle. “Every time I’ve reached out, we’ve gotten what we needed.” After just a few months, the students and staff of Dover High School have already noticed the benefits. “We are very excited to expand the digital signage system to our other schools. Everybody loves the digital information boards!.”.

We are very honored to be involved in this project to enhance the dissemination of information in Dover High School,” said Mike Kilian, the Mvix Director of Business Development. “As a communications solution, digital signage is a critical link between school administrators and the student body and faculty. We are very excited to be the provider of this link, and look forward to working with Capital School District as they evaluate equipping the rest of their schools with digital signage.”

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