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PRESS RELEASE:: Mvix Signage Solutions help leading Australian Power Tools Distributor Inform and Educate

Sterling, VA. Mar 5, 2013: Mvix, the market leader in AV technology and products for high-definition, digital signage systems, announced installation of its digital signage systems at a leading, Australian power tools distributor: Tooltechnic Systems representing FESTOOL, PROTOOL and TYROLIT. The HD signage systems being deployed by the retail giant are aimed at enhancing patron education, product showcasing and in-store marketing.

Tooltechnic Systems is an independent company offering a range of power tools to both individual and industrial consumers. In addition to their trusted use by professionals in the woodworking, construction, painting, and automotive trades, Tooltechnic’s products enjoy a wide following amongst DIY users throughout Australia and New Zealand. In 2012, international financial consultancy Dunn and Bradstreet named TTS Australia Victorian Wholesaler of the Year.

“Mvix is pleased to have the privilege of working with an established retail company like Tooltechnic. Their brand commitment toward the industrial and consumer landscape is evident in their market approach and we feel privileged to be part of this project.” said Ross McClymonds, Vice President for Global Sales at Mvix. “We’re excited to team up with a company sharing our commitment to good quality, durability, and customer support.”

In addition to maintaining a strong content management software presence, Mvix specializes in an elaborate array of systems for playback and network-based control of digital HD content. The company offers a range of networkable digital signage media systems, bundled with free, cloud-based content management applications. When asked what led Tooltechnic to turn to Mvix for its digital signage needs, Managing Director Blair Brydon pointed to the easy-to-use, content management platform, accessible through any web browser, as an important factor.

“The easy-to-use, web management system for managing these signage screens played a major role in our decision-making,” said Brydon.

Digital SIgnage in Retail and MallsSubsequent to a pilot test, Tooltechnic has successfully installed dozens of Mvix systems across its stores. The project is expected to continue in the coming months so as to encompass its entire retail network. Prior to contacting Mvix, Tooltechnic had been using an archaic digital signage system, but it proved to be cumbersome for employees to use and limited in the content that it could display at any one time. Mvix’s content management system was critical because it gave Tooltechnic centralized control over the screens displaying its product line. With screens distributed across multiple large retail locations, a central management system helps to insure that Tooltechnic’s displays are always on during store hours, and that they are displaying the most current and up-to-date information. Brydon expressed excitement over the potential for more effective marketing at the point of purchase.

“Digital signage brings another dimension to our products,” Brydon explained. “It helps people interact with our products, understanding their application by visually seeing the features and benefits rather than just having them explained by a sales person. With a premium product, like ours, there is always a lot to ‘show and tell’ to the customer. A networked signage solution means we can explain more than what we could do with just a static display.”

“In addition to helping our sales team, we expect our new displays to also assist while people are waiting to be served. As they’re hanging around the displays, we can ensure that they receive further ideas and information about products they may have never looked at but that could possibly be of interest,” said Brydon.

“Even though this is a new system for us it brings a great visual appeal to our display which we hope will educate, inform and continue to develop into sales in the future.”

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