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Leading Global Automotive Supplier Drives Employee Communication
and Engagement via Digital Signage


Sterling, VA. Sept 3, 2015: Magna International’s T.E.A.M. Systems installs Mvix digital signage solutions to better communicate with their employees. The automotive supplier’s facilities will be equipped with multiple digital signage screens to enhance employee communication and publish HR, health, and safety information.

Xhibit 4K Digital signage system with free web-based signage software Magna International, the parent company of T.E.A.M. Systems, is a leading global automotive supplier with 319 manufacturing operations and 85 product development, engineering and sales centers in 29 countries. As a market leader with a focus on innovation, their vast capabilities which range from design and engineering to assembly and sequencing position them as a full service supplier for their customers. With more than 136,000 empowered employees, they can focus on delivering superior value to customers through innovative processes and world-class manufacturing.

In today’s information landscape, data is bigger and goes deeper. There is a dire need for internal communicators to deliver greater value to business, and to do it in a way that’s meaningful and measureable. In fact, keeping employees informed and connected is just as important as enhancing customer experiences. And the benefits are clear. Companies with highly effective internal communication are nearly twice as likely to outperform the market. The McKinsey Global Institute reveals that enhancing communications, knowledge sharing, and collaboration within and across enterprises improves productivity by 20-25 percent in organizations, and the potential for revenue is around $1.3 trillion per year.

Magna’s T.E.A.M. Systems understands the value of informed, connected and empowered employees. “We decided to install digital signage to better communicate with our employees. It was important that we got a medium that would reach all employees over the course of several shifts and different locations,” said Lauren Cool, the Wellness Coordinator at T.E.A.M. Systems. The heart of Magna’s operating structure is a powerful entrepreneurial culture that focuses on satisfying the needs of their customers, investors, and employees. They take full pride in developing and investing in their employees and just recently, they were named by Forbes as the #1 Most Trustworthy Company in America.

Xhibit platform supports a diverse set of media formats. Media can be assigned to playlists and multi-zone screen layouts Digital signage can reap multiple benefits in the workplace, and manufacturing facilities may be the best equipped out of any work environment to reap these benefits. Employees charged with repeating technical tasks and operating complex machinery do not have ready access to the traditional mediums of phone and email service, requiring employers to find other ways to communicate efficiently and effectively with their workers. Using digital signage displays to broadcast a wide range of data direct to the workforce is a hallmark of lean enterprises. In addition to offering a canvas for unlimited internal communications, internal digital signage can help to build staff morale, maximize productivity and enhance employee motivation. “The digital signage option also provides for a clean look and sophisticated display. In this technology driven world, digital displays are everywhere and we wanted to keep up with the trend!” added Lauren.

Lauren along with the management team thoroughly reviewed various digital signage companies before selecting Mvix. “Mvix was the most user friendly out of all the solutions we reviewed,” said Lauren. “They have all of the features we were looking for in a digital signage solution: cloud-based, zone-based screen layout, centralized control, remote management. This was important because we needed to be able to easily manage screens in different locations.” The Mvix digital signage solution also includes free media widgets such as events management, RSS feeds, social media, YouTube, HTML5, weather, calendar etc. The solution offers endless possibilities on the information that could be communicated on the screens. “And the solution is subscription-free!” added Lauren.

Magna’s T.E.A.M. Systems embodies exemplary employee appreciation,” said A. Jay, Mvix’s Senior Director of Business Relations. “It takes more than just paying competitive wages for an employer to show that it values its employees. Magna’s T.E.A.M. Systems has commissioned various strategies, including digital signage, to improve the employee-employer relationship and we’re honored that they have partnered with us to help with these initiatives.”

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