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Display People and Product Profiles on Digital Signs Mvix
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The Profiles widget for digital signage is free* for Mvix customers.
  people profiles.  

This Profiles widget for digital signage showcases a gallery of profiles with images and descriptions e.g. a profile of company employees, executives, trainers at a gym, students, new church members, etc.

People Profiles Mvix
Tech Manager
Over 10 years of outstanding information technology leadership experience.

- Display employee and company executive profiles.

- Include their milestones and achievements.

- Display the profiles on screens in the lobby, hallway, breakroom, etc.

People Profiles Mvix
Personal Trainer
Providing expert guidance and programs tailored to your body
type and needs.

- Display profiles of personal trainers in your gym.

- Highlight their specialties to improve exposure and conversion.

- Display their profiles on screens in public areas, e.g. lobby, workout halls, etc.

People Profiles Mvix
New Member
Please join us in welcoming Jenny to the New Light Church community.

- Display profiles of new church members.

- Highlight interesting tidbits about them so that church members feel more familiar with them.

- Display the new member profiles in the lobby, hallway, sanctuary, etc.

  Product profiles.  

The Profiles widget can also be used to showcase a gallery or slideshow of product profiles. These can be displayed on the shop/sales floor to upsell product, or in back-of-the-house for employee communication.

Product Profiles Mvix
A kitchen essential used in preserving, flavoring, and cleaning. It keeps fruits and vegetables fresh and food flavorful.

- Display eye-catching product profiles and the value proposition.

- Display profiles on the shop/store floor, on POP displays or on employee communication screens.

- Add discounts to the description and calls-to-action e.g. buy now.

Product Profiles Mvix
Selected for their intense flavor and dark red color, Willamette and Meeker raspberry varieties make this spread extra berrylicious.

- Display new products in your store to drive sales.

- Display the new product profiles on screens at the entrance, at check out and at aisles w/ complementary products e.g. a jam profile on bread aisle.

- Display one product profile, or a slideshow of multiple product profiles.

Product Profiles Mvix
A carefully crafted blend that combines the sweetness of Latin Arabicas with the intense, spiced fragrances of African coffee

- Display profiles of best-performing, worst-performing, new products etc. for back-of-the-house employee communication.

- Highlight features that employees need to be aware of in order to provide the best customer service.

- Display the profiles in breakrooms, sales floor, factory floors, etc.


*The Profiles widget is free for Standard and Pro accounts only. It is not available for Base accounts (click here for an overview of XhibitSignage Base, Standard and Pro accounts).

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