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Digital Signage Widgets and Apps MVIX
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  These widgets and apps are enabling users to (and simplifying the process of) display a large variety of dynamic content on digital signage screens.  
Beautiful scenery images prevent burn out and relax your audience by providing a break from the constant stream of information hitting them.
Stock Photos MVIX
Motivational and/or funny quotes will re-energize and inspire your audience and create an environment with positive energy.
Workplace Posters
Organizations can automate the delivery of office communication like digital posters for HR, Safety & OSHA, and make sure they're up to date.
Quotes MVIX   Workplace Posters MVIX
Display engaging Prezi presentations that'll inspire your audience to act. (A great alternative to PowerPoint).
Display customer tweets to excite & inspire them to tweet about you more for a chance to be on the big screen.
Prezi MVIX   Twitter MVIX
Publicly displaying a countdown to an event e.g. the end of a sale, reinforces its significance, encourages participation and builds excitement.
Import event data from your calendar or scheduling application and display a list of events on your screens. Add company logo, colors etc for brand reinforcement.
Timer MVIX   Events MVIX
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