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Stock Photos and Quotes for Digital Signage MVIX
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Why stock photos and quotes MVIX
Why Stock Photos & Quotes  
The aesthetics of our work environments have quantifiable effects on our wellbeing.

Displaying stock photos of beautiful scenery on large display screens allows the eyes to adjust and re-focus, which reduces fatigue, headaches and relaxes employees.

Such peaceful imagery also prevents burn out by providing a break from the constant stream of information hitting your employees.

Motivational quotes go a long way in re-energizing your team and keeping them inspired.
How it Works
Our signature digital signage CMS, XhibitSignage, has an extensive library of stock photos and quotes that can be added to a communications campaign with a few clicks. New quotes and photos are added each month.

They can be displayed in full screen or zoned/section formats. Admins can easily define frequency, scroll speeds, scheduling, expiration, etc. to meet the needs of different display environments.
How it works
Stock Photos
Photos have long been the choice for building "look and feel" in offices.

From waterfalls, beautiful landscape, architecture, nature and so much more, these photos bring a sense peace and feeling of awe to your workspace.
Stock photos MVIX
Quotes MVIX
The motivational quotes are ideal for both employee communications and customer-facing display networks.

They address a wide range of topics including self improvement, and leadership.
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