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In 2014 alone, 650 million travellers went through TSA screening, and 1 in 5 domestic flights were delayed, with the average length of delay being 50 minutes. Frustration resulting from this can be alleviated by providing and preparing passengers with better information on implications and options.

Digital Flight Information Displays have the potential to improve passenger experiences. By displaying gate information, delayed and/or cancelled flights, TSA screening information etc. these screens reduce passenger anxiety and stress, and improve their travel experiences.

Airport Hotels Degital Signage Mvix

For Hotels

Digital Flight Information Displays are profit centers for hotels with minimal upfront investment.

When your guest knows his flight has been cancelled/delayed, he/she is more likely to extend the stay at your hotel, and spend more money.

Airport Convention Centers Digital Signage Mvix

For convention centers

Displaying updated flight information in convention centers and event arenas is a great service for business travelers. Its creates convenience for the travellers, where they're armed with accurate information to make travel plans.

Airport Shuttle Buses Digital Signage Mvix

For shuttle & rental agencies

Providing guests with the ability to easily check their flight status offers them the convenience of a seamless travel experience.

Keeping them informed allows them the time to utilize the services displayed along with the flight information.

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