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Visual Communications
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Digital Signage

Companies that use digital signage in their offices communicate more effectively with employees and visitors alike. While distributing messages to large numbers of personnel can be difficult logistically, digital signage streamlines these efforts and ensures a fluid flow of information.

Digital signage setups allow businesses to broadcast company-wide updates and bulletins in a fast, efficient manner. Information can be pushed to multiple screens at once, providing a singular solution to keeping employees in the loop

The advantage of company-driven RSS feeds is often overlooked in many businesses, yet has a myriad of benefits that extend far beyond the traditional scope of newsletters

Digital Signage in

meeting roomS

Real time updates keep employees informed of current and future events, and improves their experience when they can easily determine if they have found the correct meeting room.

Eliminate the time and labor associated with mounting new boards every time your prices/menu items change

Digital Signage in


Promote your menu specials, and tailor your offerings to different times of the day. Display nutritional information and leverage visual appeal to promote a healthy diet.

Flexibility to manage and update menu items and prices – all from a central location

Promote employee incentive programs, such as performance bonuses or advantages for new employee referrals

In addition to having a dedicated display panel that serves as a digital employee bulletin board, you can integrate employee announcements, reminders and education into a header, footer or side panel on all networked displays.

Digital Signage in

common areas

Add visual interest to public areas such as the breakrooms and lobbies. Share messages that boost morale, reinforce company policies, and introduce products or processes.

Tailor your metrics to your audience. With zone control, modify your display for each department in your company or each specific location in your regional business

Digital Signage on the

Sales Floor

Visually display sales/production/growth goals, and create a healthy environment of competition and awareness that results in improved productivity.

Digital metric displays help direct your employees eyes toward the most quantitative measures of your company’s success. Use numbers, graphs, images, animation and video to illustrate your company’s progress toward its goals

Digital Displays as Alert Messaging System

A flexible emergency messaging plan should include both preprogrammed displays and an ability to update or change those displays in the midst of an emergency

Digital Signage in

Reception Areas

Display welcome messages and keep your visitors entertained as they wait for service. Provide wayfinding, virtual maps and other navigational tools.

Open the Communication Pathways

Break through the clutter of paper signage and emails, and deliver important information to your employees in a dynamic and visually appealing medium

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