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 Ideally suited for hotels, resorts, terminals, convention centers, car rental counters, and other such segments of the hospitality industry. Utilizing real-time data from airports all over the world, the flight status screens provide arrival/departure times, delays, and gate information
Airline Arrival and Departure Screens in Hotels

Growing trend of installing digital display systems in hotel lobbies. The airline flight arrival and departure data is presented in an intuitive display for passengers, guests and airport personnel along with gate information for the convenience of hotel guests and visitors.

Flight Arrivals and Departure Screens in HOtel Lobbies

When the flight arrival and departure display is established in a hotel or restaurant, the service typically offers custom content for that establishment. These are branding icons and/or advertisements that allow the establishment to upsell services or products that the hotel or restaurant offers its customers.

This is a terrific way to let patrons know about such offerings, often allowing the hotel or restaurant to make additional sales over what it would have otherwise.

For example, if a on-premise gift shop is demonstrating slower than expected business, it could utilize the custom branding and content to make guests aware of occasional sales happening in the gift shop.


It is a proven fact that hotel guests are be more likely to remain in the comfort of the hotel or its restaurant if they know their flight is going to be delayed. For example, if business traveler sees that his flight is delayed, he might decide to stop by the bar for a couple of extra drinks or even dinner before departing to the airport.

This means extra sales for the hotel and a better experience for Robert. A world-renouned hotel brand, for example, saw its guest satisfaction survey scores jump about five points after they implemented their airport information displays.

Manage Arrival and Depature Screens via a Web-application.

By providing guests with cancellation updates, a hotel can give them an early opportunity to book their room for an extra night. This allows the hotel to be better prepared for potential room overflows, since the staff knows guests may stay an extra night while waiting for their next flight.

A great way to enhance guest experience at a hotel or restaurant, while also providing a way for the hotel or restaurant to potentially capture additional shopping and dining revenue from those guests.

Flights Status Screens for Hotel Lobbies
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