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Zone-based Digital Signage System for $575. Remote management via a free web-based software
Hundreds of professionally designed templates There are many businesses that could benefit from a low cost solution that don’t have the complex signage needs of a large corporation, retail chain, university or an international brand. While such users might not need the full range of features of an enterprise-grade system (e.g. Xhibit Signage System), they really want an easy-to-use, simple and intuitive CMS software. To suit their needs, we are happy to announce the formal launch of Mvix Xhibit Lite, a simpler, lower cost way to get started using digital signage.
Full-HD digital signage system for $575
Decodes 1080p, Full-HD media and delivers it over HDMI for crisp quality. Comprehensive AV media format support.
low cost signage system.
Designed for a low-cost signage projects. Free signage CMS. No subscriptions or ongoing fees.
Zone based digital screen signage
User-defined zones to simultaneously display media and widgets like weather, RSS ticker, websites and more.
cloud-based digital signage software - free
Remote and centralized management of the entire signage network over the internet via a web-browser.

While the Xhibit signage system allows advanced users to design presentations using as many display zones as they’d like, Xhibit Lite limits presentations to up to four zones. Xhibit Lite also has a smaller solid-state storage, and it relies on a wired Internet connection. Xhibit Lite is ideally suited for:

 cloud-based digital signage content management system (CMS)
Mvix Xhibit Lite is a cost-effective alternative to the Mvix Xhibit. An excellent option for organizations that need a robust, powerful device but don’t need complex features. Based on a dual-core processor technology, Xhibit Lite offers a reliable signage platform at fraction of the cost. And because it uses the same software (as the Mvix Xhibit Signage System) it ensures scalability and expandability of the entire signage network.
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