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Keeping Patients, Visitors, and Staff Informed and Engaged with Digital Signs
Digital Signs in waiting rooms at hospitals, healthcare facilities and clinics
In waiting rooms
Ease uncertainty by posting estimated wait times
Display important healthcare alerts, announcements and reminders
Sell advertising space to medical specialists and pharmaceutical providers
Update patients on the latest medical treatments and procedures
Make new patients feel more connected with doctor biographies
In hallways and nurses stations
Post examination room usage and schedules
Movement of patients or equipment
Patients or general alerts or notifications
Staff schedules
Highlight epidemics, recalls and health events
Announce community events
Upcoming educational sessions for patients
Digital Signage in hospitals
Digital Signage in staff and break rooms In staff and meeting areas

Rotate important reminders and general interest to keep content fresh and engaged

Celebrate success by highlighting star employees and positive company news

Keep staff informed of recalls, epidemics, and other health-related concerns

Getting the word out about office policies, employee benefits, or events

Recognizing doctors, nurses, and employees for exceptional performance or service

Mvix digital signage platforms allow remote management of signage systems via a free, cloud-based content management system. Equipped with an ability to upload, schedule and publish HD media and dynamic content across the your signage network within seconds.

Call 866.310.4923 and talk to one of our Solutions Consultants on how digital signage can enhance communication at your facility.

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