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Digital Posters in Movie Theater
Dynamic Advertising, Fresh Content and Low Cost
Posters in movie theater
Digital Signage in Movie theater

Part of a movie theatre's responsibility is to inform filmgoers must about the latest coming attractions. Digital Signage, which has already shaken up the customer experience in retail spaces, restaurants, and banking locations, is an attraction all its own, one that should get the attention of any efficient-minded cinema owner or franchisee.

What if you could update coming attraction posters with the click of a button, adjust concession menus from behind the scenes, and program one display to cycle showtimes, ticket price information, and movie theater promotions, all while never paying to print another piece of paper signage?

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- The sheer volume of signage integral to an effective movie theatre operation - posters in lobbies and hallways, concession menus... not to mention wayfinding materials, advertisements, and showtime directories

- The frequency with which many of these posters must be changed.

- The financial resources, staffing, and lead time required to constantly replace traditional paper signage materials

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