Do you want to increase sales? If so, LED outdoor signage offers the right solution. The average business secures 50% of sales from signage, according to the Small Business Administration. LED signs can increase sales by 15 to 150 percent.

Plus, an LED sign offers advertising around the clock. It’s like having a dedicated sales team, continuing to promote your brand after your doors have closed.

You’ll also enjoy total flexibility. Modify your message based on important details, like the time of day. For more information, simply call 866.310.4923 to speak with a digital signs consultant today!

Founded in 2005, Mvix is the market leader in technology and products for high-definition digital signage systems, video-wall appliances, interactive digital kiosk systems, hard-disk based HTPCs, portable media-centers, and content management systems. Mvix specializes in a wide array of devices for digital playback of HD (1080p) video content and distribution, network streaming, NAS media storage, and IP service integration. Mvix’s core team comprises of hardware and software engineers and AV experts who build and support COTS and custom solutions for commercial clients, Since its inception, Mvix’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions has put our company at the forefront of the digital display systems and digital entertainment industry.

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LED signs are highly effective, but cost a fraction of other advertising mediums. Plus, you’ll never pay expensive printing costs again. Easily make changes at a moment’s notice with our FREE, no contract digital signage software.

Best of all, you’ll enjoy a user-friendly, scalable and interactive solution designed with high-definition visibility and clarity for results.

We offer a price point for every budget. Simply call 866.310.4923 to speak with a media signage consultant today!