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Mamma llardos's Menu Board
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Domino's Menu Board

The days of re-printing menu boards are officially over. Digital Menu Boards have arrived. With this technology, you can enjoy cost savings while improving your customers’ experience and strengthening your company’s brand.


Plus, with changing menu labeling laws, you need maximum flexibility that won’t increase your costs. Digital signs provide the answer, allowing you to make changes at a moment’s notice – staying in total control at no additional cost.


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What Our Clients Say

We searched far and wide for a signage system for our client-school for over a month. Wanted a networkable system - displays to be installed in hallways and cafeteria - all controllable from one administrator. Mix of Vertically and horizontally installed screens. Bingo !

- Justin H.

Mvix signage systems were just the perfect fit in our operations. They work on solid-state storage and are highly reliable. These units are low cost, easy to install and extremely user friendly

- Jim A.

Purchased this mini video player (it fits in my pocket!) about a month back. Attended 2 shows in the past few weeks and this system is a breeze. Very easy to setup. Very easy to get it playing. It plays non-stop, looping and runs cool. We velcro it behind the TV and it works continuously

- David P.

It was such a pleasure to work with Mvix team. Right from the initial quote, all responses were rapid; the signage controllers worked flawlessly and everybody is happy

- Alexander Doe

Digital Menu Boards offer:

  • High definition digital displays that are easy to read
  • The ability to make changes quickly, with no additional printing costs
  • Software that’s easy to use and doesn’t require additional licensing fees
  • Ability to feature daily specials, vendor ads and much more!


Also, when you use digital menu boards, you’ll enjoy low power consumption and maximum efficiency.


We have a system that fits every business.

Mvix offers three digital menu board options, depending on your unique needs and budget. Each option is designed to provide maximum results. Simply call 866.310.4923 or contact us here – and we’ll provide a digital signage project plan today!


If you have questions or comments, or if you would like us to send you a quote please complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly.